Journal Articles

These articles appear in peer-reviewed publications for a scholarly audience.

“Of Collectivism, Artists and the Politics of the Imprisoned”

(Book Review of Ashley Farmer’s Remaking Black Power: How Black Women Transformed an Era). Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest.
Journal of Civil and Human Rights (Fall/Winter 2018), 99-102.

“Ode to Our Feminist Foremothers: The Intersectional Black Panther Party History Project on Collaborative Praxis and 50 Years of Panther History”

Mary Phillips, Robyn C. Spencer, Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest and Tracye A. Matthews.
Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society (November 2017).

“Women and the Black Panther Party: An Interview with Angela Brown."

Karl Knapper (ed.) Socialist Review Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press. 96 /1+2: 25-67.